Jimmy’s Espresso Services Warranty

Terms & Conditions

Standard warranty is 6 months.

The 6 month warranty on the refurbished machines covers on site repairs (in the unlikely event one should occur) to the machines that have been supplied locally within 55 mile radius of Porthleven, Helston, Cornwall. Area’s outside this radius is covered by a return to base warranty.
(For more details – please enquire)

What it covers:

All parts are covered apart from the main PCB (motherboard), which can fail due to electrical spikes.

What it does not cover:

• Scale Related Problems. If the machine is fed with unfiltered water, limescale will form and clog the machine up. The valves will choke and jam, the boiler element will become coated in concrete-like scale and the machine will fail. This is preventable by the purchase of a water filter, which should be regenerated at least once a year depending on use and water hardness.

• Connection to an inappropriate electricity supply.
• Electrical spikes.
• User Error.
• Modification.
• Lack Of Cleaning.
• Use of aggressive cleaning products.
• Exposure to freezing conditions.
• Excess water pressure, a supply of between 3 and 6 bar maximum is required for plumbed machines. Pressures outside this will negate warranty cover for issues with solenoid valves or resulting damage to the hydraulic system of machine. It is therefore a requirement that you ensure that the machine is delivered with the correct water pressure and in the event of excess pressure, fit a pressure reducing valve, these are available from us.
• Introduction of impure water.
• Accidental or deliberate damage.

In the event of a third party unauthorised engineer being instructed, please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty and Jimmy’s Espresso Services will not be liable for any costs incurred under any circumstances.

In the unlikely event of claim please return your machine to us and we will promptly repair in our workshop. When the machine is completed you can either collect the machine from us or we can palletise it and send via courier.

Locally, we will come out to repair the machine at the customers premises and if the machine can not be repaired on site we will provide a loan machine whilst the repair is undertaken at our workshop.

Please note that warranties are not transferable.