Give your trusty & loved machine a new lease of life with a full service or a major service & overhaul.

Traditional Espresso machines are workhorses and will need regular servicing. This front end servicing is needed to keep the machine running smoothly. Eventually, you will need a full major service to prevent breakdowns causing down time, complete failure and most importantly, keeping the machine safe for you to operate.

We carry out the services to your machine in our workshop. Locally, we can offer a loan machine whilst work is carried out. We will come to your premises, disconnect and collect your machine, install the loan machine and reconnect your machine when completed. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop your machine off at our workshop or palletise and send your machine to us. If you palletise the machine, we are happy to arrange our courier to collect or you arrange your own.

Please enquire for a price, as it varies for all different makes of machine. The price given is what you will pay, no hidden extras. If during the service, other parts are found to be looking faulty, we will contact you for confirmation of fitting a replacement or advice as to it needing to be replaced in the near future.

Front End Service

A regular minimal service for your espresso machine.

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Full Service

The Full Service. Breathe life back into your espresso machine again.

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Major Overhaul

The Major Overhaul Service will make your old machine seem like new.

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Whilst your machine is in for a service, we can also service your grinder if needed. Or, just bring your grinder in for a service if it’s getting problematic.
We completely strip the unit down, clean and lubricate all the mechanical areas. We then fit new grinding burrs and recalibrate the grinder.

We also supply refurbished grinders, predominantly Mazzer Super Jollys. These will have had a new enamel paint finish. A full service of all the moving parts and new grinder burrs are installed.


After we have serviced your machine, we can get it tested and provide a PSSR certificate for it. Likewise, we can provide PSSR certificates with our refurbished machines that we sell. Please enquire about this.

Get your espresso machine serviced today.

Click this link to get more information on the Pressure Safety Certificates and regulations. 

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