PSSR Testing

(Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000)

Jimmy's Espresso Services are passionate about making sure that all espresso machines are working as safely as possible.

Whilst it may not cross everyone's mind, an espresso machine is a mixture of hot to boiling water and electronics. That boiling water is being forced at a high pressure to make an amazing espresso to keep your customers coming back.

It's very important that it is in tiptop shape all the time for you, your staff and your customers safety.


We are qualified pressure testers.

As an approved reseller of new and refurbished espresso machines, Jimmy's Espresso Services are qualified PSSR testers. We are registered with Espress Test.

We offer PSSR inspection combined with annual servicing which proves cost effective as we offer a discount on the combination of the 2.

Boiler Inspection & Full Front End Service Package
We can offer discounted price on the servicing if carried out the same time as a PSSR Boiler examination saving up to £50 reduction on the service.

For more information please enquire.
(Service rates vary on different make and model espresso machines.)


"Save up to £50 on your servicing."

We can offer a discounted price on the servicing if carried out at the same time.

Some handy information

The government has released several handy sources of information with regard to pressure systems in the workplace.

Are you a user of pressure systems?

Pressure Systems - FAQs

Safety Of Pressure Systems - Full Regulations

We've highlighted some main resources here but further information can be found at:

Legal Standards

According to the UK government, an espresso machine is classed as a pressure system. There are many handy resources available outlining their directives on pressure systems in the workplace and the health and safety regulations involved with using such machines.

The Pressure Equipment Regulations 2000 were passed to ensure the safety and regulation of pressure systems in the workplace.

Even a small espresso machine has the potential to cause property damage, injury or even death. The duty holder is responsible for ensuring compliance and may be personally liable for damage claims.