Faema Emblema 2 Group Espresso Machine

Refurbished Faema Emblema 2 Group Espresso Machine £1995


aema Emblema 2 Group Tall Cup Automatic Espresso Machine
£1995 with Warranty & PSSR

We have one of these machines available soon, it’s currently undergoing one of our workshop refurbishments.

The panels are currently in the paint shop awaiting a wrap or professional paint finish. The current choice for the finish is white with stainless steel, but early booking can secure a colour finish of your own choice at no extra cost.

The machine will come with a 6 month warranty and a PSSR report. It can be dispatched Nationwide via pallet. The price is plus VAT.

These are the cream of the Faema range. There is so much to write about these machines that we have added a couple links in the post for more information.

A few basic bits of information:

* Smart boiler – A patented boiler management system, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity, thus avoiding production drops also during rush hours.
* Adjustable thermal balancing system – Allows easily adjusting the temperature of every single group. In this way, you can set individual temperatures for each group according to the coffee blend and the requested drink.
* Adjustable machine voltage – During installation the voltage can easily be adjusted according to the type of electric system used in the shop.
* Equipped with 1 standard steam wand and 1 Auto-steam wand
* 1 hot water wand (dosed delivery).
* 2 hot water selections.
* Electric cup warmer with 3 temperature settings.
* Graphic display to easily run all the machine functions. The display allows also writing short advertisement sentences.
* Boiler Capacity is 11 litres
* Tall Cup Design to accommodate take away cups with slide out trays for espresso/small cups
* Designed by Giugiaro Design.

Click to access f_emblema_en_de.pdf

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you for looking.

£1995.00 plus VAT
(Includes 6 month Warranty)