Refurbished CMA Astoria Argenta SAE 2 DUAL FUEL 2 Group Automatic

COMING SOON Refurbished CMA Astoria Argenta SAE 2 DUAL FUEL 2 Group Automatic


This Astoria Argenta machine is ideal for a mobile catering set up. As it is duel fuel the machine can be run either on LPG/Gas, electric or both combined. The machine has a 4000 Watt element.
The CMA Astoria Argenta SAE 2 is a bullet proof, high quality, classic Italian machine. The machine has micro-processed 4 automatic preset buttons for each group along with a semi auto on/off button for each group. It has 2 X steam arms and a hot water outlet. With its large boiler, the machine can store enough steam for busy environments. This machine has a new, built in water pump which is run by a water cooled motor.
The machine has spent it’s life in a soft water area. With all the work it has undergone and all the new parts fitted, it is like a new machine and comes with a warranty for peace of mind. The machine will also come with a gas safety certificate.
As part of the refurbish this machine has been completely stripped to the frame and cleaned and had a major workshop service. As part of the service it has had the following:
All O rings replaced
All seals replaced
All gaskets replaced
Steam & Water Valves overhauled
Group Head Injector filters, seals and showers replaced
New element fitted
New pump fitted to a water cooled motor
New group solenoid valves & solenoids fitted
New gicar flowmeters fitted
New sight glass fitted
New Inlet valve & solenoid fitted
New Certified Boiler Safety Valve fitted
New anti vac valve fitted
New LED’s and switches fitted
Complete De-Scale
New paint job with heat proof enamel
ALL Gas components have been replaced with new parts

(including 6 month warranty and gas certificate)
This machine is available soon, pre-order to avoid disappointment

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