Conti X-One TCI

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Sharing the same chassis and design basis as the X-ONE, the TCI model incorporates a unique temperature control system to allow the barista to easily adjust boiler & coffee water temperature replicating the ideals achieved within a multi boiler machine.

The ideal machine for a high volume environment that refuses to compromise on quality.

This is a serious player in terms of output and is for busier outlets that see consistently high customer volumes. However, with Conti’s competitive market pricing, you get an outstanding machine for a good price.

It comes with a wide range of advanced features such as:

  • TCI Temperature Control Improvement system allows the user to individually adjust the coffee water temperature by way of a cold water injector within the group, providing similar results to a more expensive multi boiler machine.
  • Upgrades Competition basket and shower upgrades allow the barista the freedom to alter the dose and achieve more consistent results with laser-cut, perfectly distributed perforations.
  • Capacity TCI system also allows for an increased hot water & steam production without affecting coffee water temperature meaning even delicate single-origin coffees can be perfectly poured.
  • Design Enhanced aesthetics clearly defines the TCI, with chromed steam levers, polished stainless accents and additional led lighting.
  • Hot Water Two pre-set hot water controls allow for the use of two cup sizes and water temperatures – meaning your espresso machine is also perfect for making tea!
  • Steam Control Creates perfectly textured milk at the touch of a button, perfect for newcomers or multi-user sites. The temperature is also adjustable to ensure the milk is not overheated – a common problem.


2 Group3 Group
Height (mm)553553
Width (mm)768983
Depth (mm)527527
Weight (kg)5872
Boiler size (Litres)1320
Element size (W)42006000
Total wattage (W)42006300
Optional wattage (W)6300 (6000 element)