Conti Monte Carlo

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The perfect machine for a high volume environment with the need for multiple temperature requirements.

This is such a great machine for really busy and demanding high output environments. High customer volumes and a wide selection of coffee types will be served effortlessly with this multi boiler machine.
This machine also offers great value compared to other “known brands” equivalent machines.

Some of its standout features include:

  • Triple Heat Zone With multiple PID controlled heating zones, Conti has achieved their most stable machine to date.
  • Display Eye-level individual group displays, allow the barista to monitor real-time temperature and make minor adjustments to temperature, dose and pre-infusion settings to help perfect their espresso.
  • Shot Timers Shot timers are supplemented by volumetric displays, allowing the user to monitor extraction ratios and finetune consistency.
  • Main Display Password protected main display, allows advanced settings and diagnostics to be accessed, perfect to monitor machines performance and maintenance schedule. This coupled with a USB port for software updates helps ‘future proof’ your investment.
  • ‘Cool Touch’ Steam wands, Teflon lined portafilters and retractable cup stands offer great usability and ensure the machine stays looking and performing at its best for years to come.
  • Soft Pre Brew Unique Pre-Brewing system mimics the iconic and revered Lever machine, utilising mains water pressure to softly infuse the coffee grounds and avoids the initial pre-brew espresso yield from being exhausted as it is on traditional pump systems.


2 Group3 Group
Height (mm)546546
Width (mm)8961126
Depth (mm)612612
Weight (kg)8999
Boiler size (Litres)10 / 2 x 0.914 / 3 x0.9
Element size (W)4200 / 2 x 10006000 / 3 x 1000
Total wattage (W)67009600
Adjustable Power* (W)1900/3300/4700/5700/6700)2600/4600/6600/7600/8600/9600

*Please note the Monte Carlo features adjustable power within the electronic programming.