Conti CC100 PM Dual Fuel

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The Conti CC100 is as versatile as it is stylish. Offering the full range of 1 to 3 group configurations including a compact 2 group version for those with high volume customers but small space. Standing proud with stainless steel construction and a choice of coloured side panels in red, black or white.

This machine offers true performance and efficiency. The 3 group variation has a huge 18-litre capacity boiler serving the busiest of cafés and teashops with ease.

It comes with a host of great features to ease the life of the barista including:

  • Tall cup adjustment for those who bring their own cups.
  • PID temperature control which allows the user to adjust the water temperature to perfectly complement their coffee.
  • One espresso and double espresso buttons – this ensures consistent extraction and helps ‘smooth out’ poor tamping.
  • Eco Mode – Drops boiler temp to 60°C at the touch of two buttons – perfect for overnight or during quiet/ closed periods.
  • Auto Clean Cleaning cycle – ensures machine is kept clean for optimum – tasting drinks and increased intervals between servicing.


1 Group
PM Auto
2 Group3 Group4 Group
Height (mm)500500500500
Width (mm)4107049191134
Depth (mm)512512512512
Weight (kg)376182101
Boiler size (Litres)5131824
Power (W)2600350047004700
Voltage (v)230230230230