Gaggia 3 Group Deco Espresso Machine

Gaggia Deco 3 Group Machine


£Sold but please enquire as other machines are always coming in
(Includes 6 month Warranty & PPSR)

e have one of these classy looking and high quality machines available soon, it’s currently undergoing one of our workshop refurbishments.

The machine has been completely stripped to the frame, with ALL parts being descaled. The group heads also descaled and stripped down, getting blast cleaned internally and rebuilt with new seals and filters. New steam valves have been fitted. The boiler, all valves and components have had all their seals, gaskets, filters, o-rings and washers replaced with new. Along with this, many new parts have been fitted as part of the major service including new group solenoid valves, new pump, new pressure relief valve, etc along with any other parts that looked worn during the refurb. The machine will be mechanically like new, as with all our refurbished machines. All our Refurbished machines also have pictures taken at the various stages of the rebuilds.

The Gaggia Deco is the latest commercial coffee machine from Gaggia which incorporates the legendary Gaggia style and history together with modern innovation such as adjustable pre-infusion timing and group head temperature control.

One of the reasons behind the Deco’s instant success has been in its popularity amongst professional Barista’s. The Gaggia Deco has many additional features that make using this coffee machine a real pleasure: a testament to the time and thought put into the design of this coffee machine at Gaggia.

The back of the Gaggia Deco bears a large illuminated logo of the famous Gaggia brand, giving a neon style blue glow. The machine is just asking to be out on display where customers can see it and it will work hardest. This espresso machine will definitely make a statement of style and quality in any establishment.

The Gaggia Deco 3 group coffee machine has a 21 litre boiler with seperate heat exchangers. It is also equipped with turbo steam nozzles that steam foam milk quickly producing a really high silky latte milk or creamy cappuccino foam. Capable of steaming 1 Litre of milk in 40 seconds!

Key Gaggia Deco Features;
* Stainless steel boiler with removable flange for easy inspection, assures corrosion strength and doesn’t contaminate the water.
* Autonomous heating system for each group head with electronic temperature control.
* Timer for automatic On/Off control
* Profiled filter-holders for greater grip comfort.
* Steam-pipe with integrated filter.
* Multifunction display
* The water inflow control valve for each group head, maneuverable by user. Subdivided Cup-holder grill
* Back illumination
► Size (H x W x D) (3 group): 53.5 cm x 98.5 cm x 57 cm

The machine comes with a 6 month warranty and a PSSR report for insurance purposes.

We can also supply the water filtration units, knock boxes, grinders, additional portafilters, etc. Please enquire if you are interested in this.

We can deliver the machine nationwide via a pallet for approximately £50 or deliver locally for free.

We can install the machine locally, in Cornwall. We also liaise with other professional espresso engineers in various parts of the UK whom can fit the machine should you not have an engineer available. If your interested in this please enquire to see if we can recommend an engineer and give an installation price.

A pro-forma VAT invoice will be provided.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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