Gaggia GD Compact 2 Group Automatic Espresso Machine


This is a great Italian machine, Gaggia being the classic and if your short on space but need the demand of 2 groups this machine is ideal. The machine is a lot more compact/narrower than the standard two group, being as it has just the one steam arm. The machine also comes with a hot water tap.
The Gaggia GD does it all for you, just turn it on and it automatically fills, then heats up. At a press of a button you can have a single espresso, double espresso, etc which ever you desire the functions be programmed to. The machine is easy to program, or we can program them to your desired dispensing requirements.
The machine also has an economy button, should you require the machine to be on and ready but not churning out hundreds of drinks an hour. There is also a boost function for the cup warming tray which can be independently turned on/off. The handy thing with this machine is that it runs off a 13amp plug, as it has a 3200W element and it heats up very quickly. The machine is also mains water fed with the pump and motor housed in the machine.
This used to be our loan machine for customers whilst we serviced or repaired their machines. The machine had undergone a full strip down and major service in January and has only had three days use since this service. We now supply larger machines on loan hence selling this machine. Although only recently serviced we have just fitted new group seals and filters for the new owners. As part of the service it recently had, all the seals, gaskets, filters, o rings, solenoid valves, inlet valve, anti vac valve and boiler valve were replaced with the machine getting stripped down to the frame and all components (boiler, groups, flowmeters, pipes etc) having a thorough clean, descale and blast through with compressed air prior to reconstruction with new seals, o rings, gaskets etc.
The machine is a good solid used example of one of these, having had very little use the past few years along with overkill servicing! Most of these machines being sold in a used condition I find are pretty tatty through neglect. This machine does have a small chip near the handle as pictured, which is cosmetic and not overly noticeable otherwise it’s all tidy and most importantly mechanically sound. The machine comes with a 3 month warranty.
Dimensions Size (H x W x D) (2 group c.): 50 cm x 55 cm x 54 cm
£995.00 Ono including Warranty
We can deliver nationwide via a pallet for approximately £45 depending on location. We can deliver locally and can also provide installation locally, please enquire for more information.
We accept bank transfers, paypal and debit/ credit card. An invoice and written warranty is supplied with all our machines.
P.S. The marks on the body panels are reflections in the workshop off the shiny plastic!

(Includes 3 month Warranty)

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  • Gaggia 2 Group Automatic Machine