CMA Futura 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine Auto (Astoria Plus 4 You)



£1550 with 6 month WARRANTY

As part of our in house refurbishments, the machine has undergone a major overhaul.
The machine has been completely stripped to the frame, with ALL parts being descaled. The group heads and steam valves have been descaled and stripped down, getting blast cleaned internally and rebuilt with new seals and filters. The boiler, all valves and components have had all seals, gaskets, filters, o-rings and washers replaced with new. Along with this, many new parts have been fitted as part of the major service including new group solenoid valves, new flowmeters, new inlet solenoid valves, a new pump, new steam boiler element, new sensors, new certified pressure relief valve and most importantly a new main PCB/ Motherboard. The PCB alone costs nearly £1000. With all these new major components that have been fitted and along with all the perishable seals, etc this makes the machine like a new internally, ready to provide years and years of service but at the fraction of the price of a new machine.

The machine has a built in pump and the power is standard single phase. The machine comes with 2 x New Double Espresso Portafilters and a used Single Espresso Portafilter. Also included is a blanking filter and a tub of Puly Caff cleaner for backflushing the group heads. These truly are great machines, very economical and informative via its LCD display.

The machine does have the usual signs/marks of use externally and unfortunately there are some scratches on the rear panel, as can be seen from the pictures, hence the cheaper price than we’d usually charge for a coffee machine that has had this many new parts fitted as part of the overhaul. This presents no problem if the machine is sited with its rear facing the wall.
We can offer all/some of the panels professionally repainted, in any colour or your business branding, but this would be an additional cost.

We can also supply water filtration units, knock boxes, grinders, additional portafilters, etc. Please enquire if you are interested in this.
We can supply the machine nationwide via a pallet for approximately £50 or deliver locally for free.

We can install the machine locally, in Cornwall. We also liaise with other professional espresso engineers in various parts of the UK whom can fit the machine should you not have an engineer available. If your interested in this option please enquire to see if we can recommend an engineer local to you and give an installation price.
Any questions please feel free to ask.

The warranty is an on site warranty within Cornwall, which includes Labour and Parts. Outside of Cornwall, it is a return to base warranty, unless in an area where we know engineers.

The CMA Astoria Futura (the same machine as the Astoria Plus4You with different buttons) is an espresso machine developed to meet the growing demands of the barista, the roaster & the environment.
The Futura – fully satisfies the barista & the roaster
The Futura grants you maximum quality in the cup and flexibility to adjust the machine according to the coffee origin/blend. Different roast profiles require specific extraction temperatures for the best results in the cup. The water reservoirs are dedicated exclusively to coffee. You can regulate the temperature of each group independently according to the origin/blend. Temperature stability is within one degree. The steam boiler is dedicated exclusively to steam and hot water.
The Futura’s intelligent system compares the extractions of every espresso. If coffee extraction is not perfect (e.g. due to incorrect grind/tamping etc.), the barista receives instant detailed information on the coffee he has just prepared. The Futura suggests via the LCD display the appropriate corrective actions.

Further manufacturers information about the machine can be seen below.

CMA Astoria Futura – energy saver
The machine is the first eco-espresso machine in the Astoria Green Line range, a range of energy saving espresso machines which allows you to save up to 47.6% on your power bill as well as reducing carbon emissions.
Most espresso machines waste enormous amounts of energy during off peak periods and when left on overnight. The machine only carries power when and where it is specifically required, thus saving energy. The integrated PID manages the automatic stand-by mode during off peak periods and at night, as well as the intelligent control of temperature settings. Settings can be easily programmed via the arrow keys and LCD display located on the push button panel (no need to open machine). Adjusting the settings takes only seconds.
Technical Characteristics
*Steam boiler and one coffee water reservoir for each group
*Electronic temperature control of the coffee water reservoir
*Electronic temperature control of the steam boiler
*Electronic temperature control of each groups
*Display showing the pressure of volumetric pump
*Display showing the ambient humidity
*Display of water pressure in the hydraulic circuit
*Programming of the washing cycles
Standard functions & devices
Electronic dispensing of servings
Automatic water refill
Hot water mixing system
RS 232 serial line
Multifunction key for guided navigation in the display menus
Diagnostic messages for easier service
Settings for manual or automatic energy savings

£1550.00 PLUS VAT


(Includes 6 month Warranty)

  • CMA FCMA Astoria Futura Plus 4 You Coffee Machine
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  • CMA Futura group heads
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  • CMA Futura end panel
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