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Jimmy’s Espresso Services is an Approved Reseller for Bezzera espresso machines and as such are able to offer the most competitive prices around on brand new machines.

The Bezzera machines we supply are extremely popular as they are ALL Dual Fuel machines and therefore are more versatile, being able to use gas or electric for the heating elements of the machine.

All new Bezzera machines include a labour & parts warranty within Cornwall.

Bezzera 2013 Espresso Machine

The range contains 2 models with multiple variants

The Bezzera B2013 Dual Fuel Machine

  • Bezzera B2013 1 Group PM
  • Bezzera B2013 2 Group AL Rear View
  • Bezerra B2013 3 Group AL
  • Bezzera B2013 DE 3 Group Espresso Machine

Available in the following formats:

Perhaps not sexy by name but with a sleek, professional finish, the stainless steel B2013 is an espresso machine made for business. With the added advantage of having dual fuel feed facility, this machine fits beautifully into any work place and is a solid workhorse for the busiest of cafes or restaurants.
It comes available in Semi Automatic, Automatic and Manual Lever versions. All of these are available in 1, 2 & 3 group configurations showing an absolute versatility of choice for any potential customer.
Model B2013 PM

  • B2013 PM 1IS Semi Auto 1 group
  • £2500.00
  • B2013 PM 2IS Semi Auto 2 group
  • £2950.00
  • B2013 PM 3 IS Semi Auto 3 group
  • £3500.00

Model B2013 DE

  • B2013 DE 1IS Auto 1 Group
  • £2700.00
  • B2013 DE 2IS Auto 2 Group
  • £3200.00
  • B2013 DE 1IS Auto 3 Group
  • £3995.00

Model B2013 AL

  • B2013 AL 1ISJW Lever 1 Group
  • £2350.00
  • B2013 AL 2ISJW Lever 2 Group
  • £2800.00
  • B2013 AL 3ISJW Lever 2 Group
  • £3500.00


    With dual fuel options and 3 configurations in every model, the B2013 has it all.


    The B2013, puts form and function first as a solid dependable machine to keep your coffee flowing.

  • Italian Pedigree

    Bezzera have a long established pedigree in producing top quality professional espresso machines.

We have finance options available

The Bezzera Ellisse Dual Fuel Machine

  • Bezzera Ellisse Espresso Machine 2 Group
  • Bezzera Ellisse Espresso Machine 1 Group
  • Bezzera Ellisse Espresso Machine Steam Handle
  • Bezzera Ellisse Espresso Machine 2 Group Manual Lever

Available in the following formats:

One of Bezzera’s consistently high selling machines, and for good reason too. With independent, dual temperature groups and the ability to froth 3 litres of milk with only a 20 second recovery, the Ellisse provides testament to quality Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail. With it’s stainless steel and chrome finish options, it sits discreetly in any environment, doing what it does best in providing quality coffee after quality coffee.
Ellisse 2011 PM

  • 1 group Semi Auto
  • £3100.00
  • 2 group Semi Auto
  • £3500.00
  • 3 group Semi Auto
  • £4100.00

Ellisse 2011 DE

  • 1 group Semi Auto
  • £3200.00
  • 2 group Semi Auto
  • £3800.00
  • 3 group Semi Auto
  • £4400.00

Ellisse 2011 DE PID

  • 1 group Auto LCD display
  • £3250.00
  • 2 group Auto LCD display
  • £4000.00
  • 3 group Auto LCD display
  • £4700.00

Ellisse 2011 AL

  • 1 group Lever
  • £2500.00
  • 2 group Lever
  • £2975.00
  • 3 group Lever
  • £3600.00


    Consistently high figures of sales year after year, show the Ellisse to be a go to model for coffee houses and restaurants globally.


    Whilst, the Ellisse retains a simplified look and feel about it, it proves it’s worth with robust, reliability.


    Choose from group numbers, automation and machine lever types to get the right machine that suits your business.

We have finance options available


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