Astoria Plus4You, Divina & Wega Polaris Available Soon

Here’s a list of our machines on the way…

ll our refurbished machines will have been completely stripped to the frame and cleaned, if necessary re-sprayed and had a major service.
This will include replacing all seals, filters, gaskets, washers, o rings etc along with new group valves, inlet valves, pump, safety boiler valves, anti vac valves and many other parts fitted.
They come with our 6 month warranty. The warranty is an on site within Cornwall and some areas of the UK where we have engineers, all other areas it is Return-to-Base.
If it’s a dual fuel machine, this will also come with a gas safety certificate.

We will put more pictures and information on the site when the machine is finished. If you would you like anymore information beforehand or would like to reserve the machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Astoria Plus4You 3 Group Coffee Machine finished in White

  • The machine is the same as the pictured machine above but with with White body panels, newly professionally painted in an extra tough finish.

    These are well known Italian machines, commonly used by busy outlets like Costa Coffee.
    Along with all the usual new parts that are replaced as standard on our in house refurbishments, this machine also comes with a brand new main motherboard…the brains of the machine. This is like a new parts, all new perishable seals/gaskets, new paint job and a new motherboard.

    The Astoria Plus4You grants you maximum quality in the cup and flexibility to adjust the machine according to the coffee blend.

  • The Astoria Plus4You has one Steam boiler + one separate water reservoir for each group: the boiler is dedicated exclusively to steam and hot water; the water reservoirs are dedicated exclusively to coffee. The Plus4You fully satisfies the needs of the roaster and of the barista.
    With the Plus4You, you can regulate the temperature of each group independently. This maximum flexibility grants the best solution for each coffee blend (different roast profiles require specific extraction temperatures for the best result in the cup). Moreover, the digital control (on the group head and on the water reservoir) grants temperature precision and stability. The intelligent system compares the extractions of every espresso to those of an ideal coffee. If coffee extraction is not perfect, the barista receives instant detailed information on the coffee he has just prepared. The Plus4You suggests via the display the appropriate corrective actions.


CMA Astoria Gloria DUAL FUEL 3 Group Automatic

  • This is a very rare opportunity to have a Astoria Gloria Dual Fuel in a 3 group. This size machine is ideal for a busy mobile catering set up, which doesn’t have sufficient electrical supply to power a large 3 group machine. As it is duel fuel the machine can be run either purely on LPG/Gas, or just electric or for the ultimate power both combined.
    As part of our in house refurbishments, the machine will have all new gas parts, new mechanical parts, all new perishable seals/gaskets and a new motherboard.

  • The Astoria Gloria SAE3 Dual Fuel is the automatic espresso/cappuccino coffee machine for the large speciality coffee retailers. With a large boiler and the powerful heating, it can supply a constant flow of dry steam for the preparation of espresso based drinks in the busiest coffee shop.
    This model can dispense 6 different coffee dosages from each brewing head and also comes with an independent semiautomatic override brewing switch.
    It has a real maximum production capability of 720 espresso servings per hour.
    Boiler Capacity: 18 qts
    Advanced pre-infusion and thermocompensation group technology
    Raised groups for cups up to 16oz
    Extra long stainless steel steam wands
    Temperature adjustable and timer controlled water tap
    Built-in water cooled motor and adjustable vane pump
    Electronic cup warmer with temperature control

Wega Pegaso EVD Dual Fuel
2 Group Auto

  • Wega are a top Italian machine, part of the CMA group which also manufacture Astoria.
    This machine is ideal for a mobile catering set up, small or large. As it is duel fuel the machine can be run either purely on LPG/Gas, or just electric or for the ultimate power both combined.
    As part of our in house refurbishments, the machine will have all new gas parts, new mechanical parts, all new perishable seals/gaskets and a new motherboard.

  • The Wega Pegaso is a fully automatic 2 group espresso machine. Manufactured in Italy, and designed for professional use this traditional espresso machine has two programmable group heads capable of producing four coffees at a time. It has a large 10.5 litre copper boiler, hot water facility and a large cup warming area.


    4 programmable drink settings per grouphead
    Semi Automatic Brewing Switch for each grouphead
    2 Steam Arms
    Large cup warming area
    High capacity 10.5 litre boiler
    Hot water tap


Astoria Divina 2 Group Dual Fuel Automatic finished in White

  • The Astoria Divina, with its sleek lines, is a real head turner when finished in white against the polished stainless steel. Added to these looks, the LED lighting on the dispensing area is not only practical but the ultimate head-turner!

    The machine available soon is the same as pictured but is finished White & Stainless Steel and is a Dual Fuel version.


Astoria Argenta 2 Group
Semi-Auto Dual Fuel

  • The Astoria machine available is the same as pictured above but the panels are Winchester Grey & Stainless Steel. It is also a dual fuel.

  • Being that this is a semi-auto it makes the machine that bit cheaper, great for a first machine. Aside from the semi-auto on/off switches for dispensing, everything else in the machine is exactly the same high quality as the auto machine, so a bargain really!
    With semi auto machines, many Barista’s time the doses using a magnetic timer attached to the machine or measuring by dispensing the espresso in a shot cup.