Astoria Argenta Dual Fuel 1 Group Coffee Machine

Astoria Argenta Dual Fuel 1 Group Coffee Machine

About The Astoria Argenta Dual Fuel 1 Group Coffee Machine

storia Junior DUAL FUEL 1 Group Automatic Espresso Machine

This machine is perfect for small coffee carts, vans or any mobile catering set up which is lacking the space for a larger 2 group. As it is dual fuel the machine can be run either on LPG/Gas, electric or both combined. The electric can be run off a standard 13 amp plug.


SOLD…but we occasionally get these in, so feel free to ask


(Includes 6 month warranty)


Height – 52cm
Width – 50cm
Depth – 54cm


Groups: 2
1 x Steam
1 x Hot Water
1 Grouphead
Boiler Capacity: 6 litres
Element Rating: 2.4kw

The CMA Astoria Argenta Junior SAE 1 is a bullet proof, high quality, classic commercial Italian machine. The machine has micro-processed 4 automatic preset buttons for the group along with a semi auto on/off button for the group. It has a steam arm and a hot water spout. With its large boiler for its size (6litres), the machine can store enough steam for busy environments. This machine has a built in water pump which is run by a water cooled motor.
With all the work it has undergone and all the new parts fitted, it is like a new machine and comes with a warranty for added peace of mind. The machine will also come with a gas safety certificate.

  • Astoria Dual Fuel 1 Group front
  • Astoria 1 group dual fuel top
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel end panel
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel right end panel
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel rear panel
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel close up front
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel group head top view
  • Astoria 1 group Dual fuel top boiler view

Summary of work carried out on this machine

This machine has been completely stripped to the frame. The frame has been deep cleaned and the machine has undergone a major service. As part of the service it has had the following:
All O rings replaced with new
All seals replaced with new
All gaskets replaced with new
All filters replaced with new
All washers replaced with new
Steam & Water Valves overhauled
Group Head Injector, filters, seals and showers replaced
New Heating Element fitted
New Pump fitted
New Group solenoid valve & solenoid fitted
New Flowmeter fitted
New Sight glass fitted
New Inlet valve & solenoid fitted
New Certified Boiler Safety Valve fitted
New Anti Vac Valve fitted
Complete De-Scale
New portafiletrs/handles X 2
ALL NEW Gas components fitted
…….plus plenty more!!
The machine is finished in Stainless Steel front, Black Base Frame and the Side/Rear and Front Panels are newly Professionally painted in a White Extra Tough Powder Coat Paint.

Delivery via pallet outside of Cornwall.
We can offer a package deal with the machine including new grinders, additional portafilters, filtration units, knock boxes, milk jugs etc, etc
If you are interested in any of these please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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